Current Apartment Listings

As Waterside Plaza contains 1,470 residential units, new listings appear on a weekly basis, if not more often. One of the striking aspects of the four buildings' design is that there are 54 different floor plans with a wide range of views and amenities.

If you don't see exactly what you are looking for on this page, contact us now. We very well might have more options or know of units that may become available in the near future. 

We will be happy to work with you to find the right apartment at Waterside for you.

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Two Bedroom

  • Two Bedroom One Bath Apartment# 400484

    Great deal on a roomy high-floor apartment with new kitchen, with lots of storage space including a walk-in closet.  Wonderful southern view of the city.  875 sf.  

    $3,900/mo Avail. 04/28/14
  • Two Bedroom One Bath Apartment# 400122

    Fantastic deal on this low-floor 2BR apartment with a new kitchen.  Hardwood floors throughout with plenty of storage space and room to stretch out.  West, south, and east views of the East River.  875 sf.

    $3,800/mo Avail. 04/21/14
  • Two Bedroom One Bath Apartment# 400028

    Great deal on a cozy 2BR convertible 3BR 1 bath bright low-floor apartment.  Ample storage space, hardwood floors and classic kitchen.  812 sf.

    $3,700/mo Avail. 04/22/14
  • Two Bedroom Two Bath Convertible 3 BR Apartment# 100028

    Beautiful and spacious 2BR convertible 3BR 2 bath low floor apartment.  New kitchen with stainless steel appliances and high-end finishes and south and west views of the city.  997 sf.

    $4,500/mo Avail. 05/05/14
  • Two Bedroom One Bath Apartment# 400610

    Great deal on a lovely high-floor apartment, excellent storage space, planned kitchen renovation, west city view. 812 sf.

    $3,800/mo Avail. 04/22/14

Three Bedroom